Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Basic on-site and off-site setup will be needed initially. Depending on your resources, needs, and expectations, a monthly plan will gradually increase your position in the search engines.

Online Advertising

Although SEO is a must for most websites, sometimes you need to reach people “NOW!” and advertising can help you with that. It can also support your website’s ranking by increasing relevant, good quality visitors.

Advertising can help you increase brand awareness and sales.

Tracking and Analyzing Audience

If you are selling red roses, you want to reach people who like red roses. If you have a restaurant in Vancouver, you want to reach people who are either in Vancouver, or planning to visit to Vancouver. If you teach English, you don’t want to advertise to native English speakers.

Online presence is not about scoring goals. Getting many website visitors is useless if they are not converting into customers or taking an action that you want them to. You want to get to know who is interested in you, why are they interested in you, and how can you reach more people like this.

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